Your Success is our aim
Your Success is our aim
Health and Safety,
Hygiene Auditing

Business today is a mine field, Health and safety, HACCP, risk assessments, and staff training.

All of these take time out of your day, let us take this worry off your shoulders and give back the time for you to run your business.

We can offer a Tailor made service that works with you and your business hours allowing you to do what you do best.

Regular health and safety auditing ensures that your company is not endangering both your customers and staff.

It is said "Monitoring and Auditing the safety process is a critical activity to ensure that all safety programmes are being followed" and just as important working within your organisation, any work taken out by us is contained in a confidential report with recommendations and any additional information that you need to activate action needed.

Your Success is our aim

Our Auditing will look at your present Health and safety policy, summarizing whether it’s working for you and are there any cost savings that can be made.

We can give a review of the structure and methods of operation in the workplace and identify hazards and unsafe acts and practices.
You will receive a confidential report of our findings with advice on how to bring your company up to compliance with Health and safety regulations and Industry good practice and showing due diligence.
Staff training is a vital investment in your company and we can offer the most upto date training and value for money.

From health and safety to customer care keep your staff up to date

Don’t get a criminal record when the problem can be simply cured:

Health and Safety Auditing
We can provide a food safety auditing service that involves a critical evaluation of your current health and safety policy, the current systems in place, hazard analysis and risk assessments. Giving you a confidential report and follow up option if required.

HACCP Report and Risk Assessments
Hazard analysis lets us take your present report and bring you up to date. Ensuring each point in your procedures are is in line with your policies. Working through each risk assessment and making sure they are upto date and within safe practice.

Staff Training
Staff are the front line of your business, well trained staff ensure that your company will succeed whether   it is health and safety or customer care. Training is the back bone to build your business on.

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Your Success is our aim